The Spring Lake Community Fitness and Aquatic Center is a 66,350 square foot facility for family fitness and fun.  The facility offers a family fun pool, lap/competition pool, fully-equipped weight room, state of the art cardio room, indoor track, and hot tub and steam room.

On this project, we worked as the prime roofing contractor as well as a sheet metal subcontractor to Riteway Plumbing and Heating.

The roofing system was to be installed without fasteners penetrating the cedar roof decking above the pools.  The roof system consisted of an air vapor barrier (self-adhered), extruded polystyrene (set in adhesive), a gypsum barrier (set in adhesive) and a 60 mil EPDM (rubber) membrane (fully bonded) over the running track area.  We were responsible for the installation of a Tectum roof deck system.  The Tectum system was a sandwich panel of Tectum, Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) and OSB.  A similar EPDM roof system was adhered over these panels.  We worked closely with the Construction management team to ensure we were protecting these wood decks, and ultimately exposed wood ceilings, from the elements.

The HVAC systems were exposed spiral, concealed galvanized and aluminum ductwork, PVC supply air grating integrated into the tiled and concrete benches and 10’ x 10’ fiberglass custom return grills in the pool areas.  With very limited space above lay-in and plaster ceilings, this job proved to be a layout and fabrication challenge.  Nevertheless, with our coordination team and extremely skilled sheet metal workers, the job came out flawlessly.  This was nearly a yearlong project and finished on schedule for their grand opening party on Saturday, September 20, 2008.