Roofing Apprenticeship Training

Apprentices receive education in a program registered with the U.S. Department of Labor in all areas of the roofing industry and hands-on instruction is a major part of the training.

The training program is referred to as block training. Instead of the weekly classroom training we had in the past, we now send our apprentices to a three-week long intensive session. The training facility provides classroom education as well as hands-on skill demonstrations. Safety training and detailed technological training is also integrated throughout. Leadership training is available for those individuals looking towards becoming crew foremen.

Safety, quality and responsibility are priorities in this program at all times.

On-the-job training year round places apprentices with skilled journeymen who share their knowledge and experience.

Persons interested in the roofing profession should understand that roofing requires physical labor, working in all kinds of weather conditions, at roof edges and at high elevations.

Roofers Apprenticeship Curriculum (Brief Summary)

History of Roofing

NRCA/OSHA Safety Training Program

Tools and Equipment
Covers hand tools, power equipment, hoists and cranes

Roof Decks
Types of decks; use of proper adhesives and fasteners to secure roofing

Types, compatibility to roofing material, taper insulation systems layout and

Repair and Maintenance
Roof inspections, trouble shooting for leaks, emergency
repairs, and permanent repair methods

BURs (Built Up Roofing)
Operating kettles and tankers, heating bitumen, delivering hot
bitumen, roofing felts, starting BURs, mopping and laying plies, flashings, surfacings,
sealants and coatings

Single Ply Roofing
Mechanically fasten systems, fully adhered systems and ballasted

Systems, seams, detailing

Hot Air Welded
TPO, PVC, CSPE, hand and machine welding, detailing, field
fabricated flashings

Modified Bitumen Systems
APP, SBS, torch applied, hot mopped, cold adhesive
systems, detailing and proper insulation of systems

Roof Coatings
Types and uses of

Waterproofing and Dampproofing
Materials and proper installation of

Blue Prints
Reading of, job planning and preparation

Other Systems
Green roofs, liquid membranes, PV cells and other single ply systems

Measuring, calculation roof areas and materials needed