Certified Sheet Metal has a long history of fabricating and installing HVAC components and complete HVAC systems. Our extensive line of fabricating equipment, coupled with our skilled workforce, allows us to craft all types and sizes of ductwork, plenums, fittings and accessories for HVAC systems.  We are capable of producing ductwork out of galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Our Project Managers have numerous lines of quality exhaust fans, blowers, unit heaters, condensing units, make up air units and packaged roof top units to offer customers. Our technicians are experienced in the handling and setting of these units, as well as the hook up and start up.  Certified can also offer customers any registers, grilles, diffusers and other HVAC accessories that may be specified for their projects.

We specialize in ductwork for facilities with high hygiene and/or health standards required for producing food or pharmaceuticals. We can provide the specialized equipment, ductwork and accessories required for complete systems.