Laser and Plasma Cutting

Certified Sheet Metal has two state of the art machines that allows us to tackle the toughest metal cutting jobs. Both of these cutters are key components of our fabrication process and allow Certified Sheet Metal to complete the most demanding and intricate fabrication projects.

At our Walker facility, the Koike Aronson Plate Pro Extreme Plasma Cutting Table is a high tech plasma cutting system equipped with a 260 amp Hypertherm HPR 260 power unit. This high definition power unit allows us to burn through 2-1/2” thick mild steel and 2” thick stainless steel.  The Plate Pro Extreme has a 72” x 144” table making it possible to cut large size sheets.  Our expert CAD designers lay out complex shapes which are then imported to plasma table controller and burnt out.

At our Muskegon fabrication shop, the MAZAK Laser provides unmatched speed and precision.  The unit has a 4’ x 8’ bed with a 1500 watt power unit.  It allows us to burn through 1/2” thick mild steel, 3/8” thick stainless steel and 1/8” thick aluminum with a very high degree of speed and accuracy. The quality of the cuts is outstanding.  Our experienced lay out specialists CAD draw complex designs which the laser cuts out cleanly and efficiently.