Sanitary Welding

Certified Sheet Metal has vast experience in fabrication and welding of components and systems for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. In order to meet the requirements of these industries, the level of workmanship in forming, welding and finishing is at its highest.

Our trained workforce understands the stringent requirements these industries have to insure their production processes create safe food and drugs. In all facets of creating components and systems, thought and care is put into not creating voids or spaces where ingredients can become lodged, thus creating bacteria. This is especially critical in the joining of members with welds and the finishing of welds and adjacent surface areas.

Our highly trained and skilled welders are capable of joining sections of stainless steel and finishing the weld so that it is free of pits, voids, ridges, etc. to the point that the weld is “removed” .  Our welders are also capable of joining sections of piping and/or tubing together, that ingredients will be moved through, by the process of purge welding.

With a complete line of finishing and polishing equipment, our tradesmen are capable of finishing surface areas that come in contact with ingredients and finished products. This finishing and polishing is done to the requirements of the customer and the inspecting authority over them, such as the USDA or FDA.